Liverpool Convention Bureau’s ‘Sensational as Standard Brochure’

In terms of its value, the intellectual capital within the Liverpool City Region is incalculable. It drives industry, propels growth and cements our region’s global reputation.

Liverpool Convention Bureau believe this intangible asset is a key driver when it comes to securing business events and their latest global campaign leads with knowledge first. Jennifer Jensen, Marketing Liverpool’s Head of Business Tourism reveals the ethos behind their latest marketing strategy.

“It’s never just about the place, or the building or the location. What people bring to their organisation makes it what it is and makes it unique. For this campaign, we’re showing event organisers what sets the Liverpool City Region apart. A major aspect of this is our industry sectors and the incredible knowledge that the people who work in those sectors bring to the city.

“Because it generates so much for the local economy, both financially and reputationally, attracting events is a fiercely competitive market. This project will enable us to connect with event organisers in a different way, one that isn’t simply focussed on geographical location or physical assets.

“We’ve partnered with ACC Liverpool, University of Liverpool and the Royal College of Physicians to produce a new digital brochure that presents the world-leading talent and industries within our region to industry event organisers across the globe.

The ‘Liverpool – Sensational as Standard’ digital brochure takes a broader look at the city region, by including contributions from industry leaders who are making great waves in their sector, as part of the city region’s story, utilising a magazine feel, with embedded films, for a more immersive and engaging experience.

“Liverpool City Region has such a powerfully diverse business community. A gaming centre of excellence. The number one biomanufacturing cluster in Europe. A global centre for wealth management. A designated centre for offshore renewable energy….”

“The list goes on and on and it all points to one thing. We are a hive of world-leading knowledge and this is one of our strongest assets. If you can hold your event in a place that is helping your sector thrive, you definitely should.

Jennifer Jenson, Head of Business Tourism, Marketing Liverpool

Jennifer explains that the strategy is underpinned research that shows conferences and events are attracted to locations that have a genuine connection to their subject, reinforced by successful sectors and influential industry professionals.

“The innovations coming out of Liverpool City Region, whether in manufacturing, life sciences, maritime, or the creative industries, to name a few, are a critical part of what excites people about the region. We’re on the frontline in these industries, so we can bring so much more to their events than other locations. This is part of our USP.”

The Liverpool Convention Bureau team believe the project itself exemplifies the city’s effectiveness at working together, across sectors, to achieve a common goal. Alongside the brochure, four films have been produced to promote Liverpool City Region as an exceptional UK host city – ‘Sensational as Standard’ ‘Industrial Revolution’ ‘ Driving Innovation’ and ‘Global Gateway’. Each of the films feature contributions from leading voices within their respective sectors.

In ‘Global Gateway’, Colin Sinclair introduces Liverpool City Region’s Knowledge Economy Development Zone and the billion-pound Paddington Village development, set to further bolster the city’s global reputation as an international centre for life sciences research.

Sensor City Liverpool’s interim director, Joanne Phoenix, explains how the city is one of only four university enterprise zones in England and has been set up to encourage an even greater ecosystem for sensor related companies, driving engagement between industry and academic partners.

John Leake, business development manager, Sci-Tech Daresbury, encourages international innovators to hold events in the city, explaining how his national research and innovation campus works to develop and grow innovative technology companies. The film also highlights the region’s creative and digital strengths and the international work of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, a true global leader in the fight against disease.

View the film below:

“The convention industry is so important to Liverpool City Region that we cannot simply rely on the same old approach, from year to year. We don’t want to stand still, we want to do everything within our power to bring more events into the city region.

Similar, tactical approaches with higher education institutions have secured the city region top-tier conferences, including the 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, the 42nd European Cystic Fibrosis Conference and the 11th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, between them welcoming over 6000 delegates to Liverpool.

“The sheer intellectual capital of our business community, the strength of their sectors and their relationships to the city is one of the most compelling attributes we have…”

“Liverpool is such an exciting place. We have incredible venues and attractions; the city is filled with beauty and culture but the truth is that many of our competitors could say the same.  But the sheer intellectual capital of our business community, the strength of their sectors and their relationships to the city is one of the most compelling attributes we have, and I am confident that this smarter approach will have a significant impact.”

“As a global port city, Liverpool City region has always been open and welcoming to the world. The region thrives on new ideas, new thinking and a strong international outlook. High-calibre industry conferences unite an industry’s most prominent thought-leaders, sharing knowledge to generate ideas and challenge the sector. This meeting of minds can spearhead seismic change.

“Bringing these visionary thinkers to Liverpool enables the city region to bask in this glow and become an important part of the conversation, potentially kick-starting a catalyst for change that can reverberate across global industry. Liverpool has always been a bit of a revolutionary and a game-changer. We don’t belong on the side-lines. We belong where the action it”

*The ‘Sensational as Standard’ brochure has been launched in association with CAT Publications, one of the world’s leading publishers for the meetings and convention industry. It will be promoted through CAT’s channels as well as targeted marketing and at various national and international trade shows attended by Liverpool Convention Bureau and partners.

View the brochure HERE and visit liverpoolconventionbureau.com

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