• Digital Manufacturing Week 2019

Digital Manufacturing Week

You know all those little boring jobs you hate? The tedious ones, the time-consuming ones, the ones that prevent you from doing more creative or productive things?

The technology being pioneered by the advanced manufacturing sector could likely take care of all of them for you.
It could also make your life run a lot more smoothly. It could even mean that, eventually, you don’t have to work altogether. We’re betting industry 4.0 just became a lot more exciting?

Digital Manufacturing Week and its Smart Factory Expo open your eyes to a whole new world. These events bring together the most advanced UK manufacturers to showcase their innovations and share expertise.

The best part is that Liverpool City Region is on the frontline of this forward-looking work. We’re spearheading supercomputing, revolutionising robotics; making next phase VR a reality, expanding the use of IoT, Big Data and Big Science and activating the deployment on new sensor tech, all over the world.

These solutions were presented and celebrated throughout Smart Factory Expo, from 13-14 November 2019, at the LCR4.0 Solutions Theatre, hosted by Invest Liverpool and designed by Marketing Liverpool and we’ve never been more proud of the talent and ingenuity our city region offers.

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