Now more than ever before the world is starting to appreciate the fundamental value of being able to meet and travel. As major international events all over the globe are cancelled or postponed, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we thought it might be useful to look back at recent events that have worked to showcase the Liverpool City Region as a business and investment destination, on an international scale. Read our case study on Liverpool City Region’s successful presence at the MIPIM UK Summit UK 2019, a flagship event for the UK property and investment market. 



This case study highlights the marketing activity undertaken by Marketing Liverpool to support and promote Liverpool City Region’s presence  at the 2019 MIPIM UK Summit, outlining work including PR, marketing, project management and partnership work.

At its core MIPIM is about connecting with targeted international partners, presenting a unique opportunity to the world and establishing a striking presence on a global stage, to deliver growth and prosperity. 



MIPIM UK Summit is the nation’s only national real estate summit, covering all land and property asset classes. It is the place for industry leaders to gain insight from a high-level conference programme, to network, connect and sign new deals.

Sitting at the intersection of land, buildings, infrastructure, environment, economics, society, culture, and technology, the event addresses the biggest issues facing UK real estate today and provides the perfect platform for Liverpool City Region to promote it’s £20 billion land and property opportunity.



On Monday 14 October 2019, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram highlighted the region’s diverse investment opportunity to a selection of MIPIM UK Summit delegates. Following this event, Liverpool City Region hosted a gala dinner, attended by city leaders, invited guests and private sector partners, across the property sector. 

On Tuesday 15 October, Liverpool City Region hosted and/or contributed to five conferences, centred around the themes of:


Future Mobility Insights: Big Infrastructure Projects and Investment Opportunities.

 – Occupier Demand: Is Life Science the New Tech

Liverpool City Region: The Future of Housing

Cultural Infrastructure and Place Making 

UK City Leaders Summit: Is the Economy Being Rebalanced? 

For further details download our MIPIM UK Summit 2019 events schedule or view it online HERE.



Once again, the Liverpool MIPIM Partnership enjoyed strong support from private and public sector partners across the Liverpool City Region.

This diverse range of supporters reflects the sheer breadth of Liverpool city region’s development projects, talent and innovative approaches, that contribute greatly to the UK’s real estate and investment industry. 



The Invest Liverpool website hosted Liverpool MIPIM Partner news and press releases alongside general, large-scale announcements regarding Liverpool City Region’s land and property sector. These positive stories were also promoted on social media and within the regular Invest Liverpool newsletter.



Throughout the event, Invest Liverpool was joined by Tom Houghton, business editor for the Liverpool Echo and Business Post. He covered various events from the Liverpool programme on the Echo website and daily BusinessLive newsletter, as well as conducting interviews with a couple of partners which will be published next month.

Members of the Liverpool delegation sat on panels moderated by the editors of Estates Gazette and Business Insider, as well as speaking with other media at the event. Marketing Liverpool also produced live coverage of all sessions from the Liverpool programme, which were broadcast through social media. 

Marketing Liverpool’s Joe Keggin and Liverpool City Council’s Jen Bruce were also a mainstay throughout the event and captured a lot of engaging content, including interviews, vox-pops and live-tweeting panel sessions. This performed well on Invest Liverpool’s social media channels, gaining traction with other influential Liverpool City Region property and investment related accounts. 



Marketing Liverpool monitored and analysed online conversations and sentiment around Liverpool City Region’s presence at MIPIM events.  Sentiment around the 2019 MIPIM UK Summit registered as overwhelmingly ‘positive’ ‘excited’ and ‘alert’, with all online chatter skewing strongly towards the ‘happy’ sphere, across the days and weeks before MIPIM and during the event. 



From the 14th October to the 17th October 2019, there were 200 twitter posts that utilised Invest Liverpool’s unique MIPIM event hashtag #lplmipim, sent by 80 users, creating 989 engagements, with a reach of more than 275,000 people, with total impressions of more than 800,000. 


DIGITAL CAMPAIGN RESULTS 11th – 16th October 2019 

Why should Liverpool City Region be at the forefront of international property professionals minds? What is it that makes Liverpool such an exciting investment location? What are the major attributes, sectors, skills and selling points that would genuinely be of interest to MIPIM UK Summit delegates? What sets Liverpool City Region apart from other UK cities? 

These are the questions Marketing Liverpool answered to develop a concentrated Liverpool MIPIM UK Summit 2019 digital campaign, partnering short, sharp, memorable facts and statistics with strong imagery, to position Liverpool City Region in an engaging way and to succinctly showcase the breadth, depth and variety of our city region’s investment offer. 



The MIPIM UK Summit campaign also promoted the event’s programme to generate awareness, boost attendance and share our activity with Invest Liverpool’s online followers. During the event, Marketing Liverpool also covered Invest Liverpool’s presence live from the Invest Twitter Liverpool account, updating social media followers on activity, promoting upcoming events, utilising video vox pops and photos to generate ‘buzz’ and show people how MIPIM UK Summit helps us promote the Liverpool City Region opportunity to real estate professionals investors. 

Digital activity around the event attained more than 41,000l total impressions, with more than 3,500 total engagements, improving the 2018 MIPIM UK Summit marketing campaign performance by just under 40 per cent.



The MIPIM section of the Invest Liverpool Website was expanded for MIPIM UK Summit 2019 adding a dedicated promotional page, image gallery, partnership page and online schedule, optimised for mobile. From 1-18 October 2019, MIPIM related pages became the top ranking pages for the site with more than 2,000 page views. The website pages included the main MIPIM UK Summit page, delegate landing page, MIPIM UK Summit partners page, image and video gallery and online schedule.



Marketing Liverpool’s design team produced a number of printed assets, featuring a refreshed brand identity for 2019 and 2020, to promote Liverpool City Region’s presence at MIPIM UK Summit and to ensure high visibility at the event. These included hanging signage at the event, pop-ups, a light board for partner representation and a printed, pocket sized events schedule.



Sadly (but quite rightly, under the circumstances) recent events have caused the main MIPIM event, MIPIM Cannes 2020, to be rescheduled and then ultimately cancelled, until next year, but MIPIM UK 2019 gave Liverpool City Region a chance to connect, face-to-face with the people and investors that have the power to further our region’s growth and prosperity, highlighting a £20 billion investment opportunity that is among the most exciting and unique in Europe, showcasing our key sectors, thriving business community and strong talent supply. 

Liverpool City Region’s presence at the event enabled the region to present itself as a major UK investment opportunity and remain at the forefront of property investors and professionals minds, when it comes to investing in the UK. 

Whilst the world is dealing with much bigger issues right now, in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s good to know that Liverpool City Region’s resilient property and investment sector is ready and waiting to get back out there, with an exceptional investment proposition, when it’s safe to do so. Ambitious, large-scale, real-life events never looked so good.

For more updates on Liverpool City Region’s MIPIM activity visit investliverpool.com 



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