Hello, everyone. I’m Pam Carroll, and I’m delighted to introduce myself as Marketing Liverpool’s newly appointed Head of Marketing.

As I embark on this exciting leadership journey, I want to share with you a glimpse into my professional past, my vision for the future, and the boundless potential I see for Liverpool City Region as a premier destination.

My career to date has been a rewarding journey through the dynamic world of destination marketing, from my early days as a Marketing Manager at Liverpool Vision, through my time leading campaigns at ACC Liverpool, and my strategic role at ICE Creates. Each experience has shaped me into the dedicated destination marketing professional I am today.

What drew me to this role at Marketing Liverpool? Firstly, the chance to work more closely with, the extraordinary team here at Marketing Liverpool. It would be hard to find a more dedicated group of Liverpool City Region experts anywhere else in the city.  But it’s also the vibrancy and diversity of the city itself which also proved to be a major draw for me.

Liverpool is not just a place; it has its own unique culture, a way of life, an indescribable energy that appeals to people in many different ways. To have the opportunity to showcase its distinct magic to the world, alongside a team of equally passionate individuals, is a privilege beyond measure.

As I step into this role, my immediate priorities are clear: to uphold the stellar reputation Marketing Liverpool has earned and to continue setting the standard for destination marketing excellence. I aim to foster stronger partnerships with stakeholders and members, ensuring that our marketing efforts resonate far and wide.

As we transition to the new Liverpool Visitor Economy Partnership structure later this year, I’m fully committed to ensuring a seamless evolution that propels us forward, towards an even brighter future.

From our unrivalled music scene to our famously warm hospitality, Liverpool City Region is a melting pot of experiences waiting to be discovered. These unique strengths drive engagement and ignite the imaginations of travellers from across the globe.

Of course, no journey comes without its challenges. The tourism industry faced unprecedented obstacles in the wake of the pandemic. Yet, as we emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before, we must remain vigilant. By staying agile, doubling down on our marketing efforts, and nurturing strong partnerships, we’ll ensure that Liverpool City Region continues to shine as a beacon of hospitality and warmth for decades to come.

I invite you to join me on this journey as we write the next chapter in Liverpool’s storied history. Together, let’s unleash the full potential of this extraordinary city region and inspire travellers from every corner of the globe to experience the magic of Liverpool for themselves. Thank you for your warm welcome, and here’s to an exciting future ahead!