Putting aside the potentially terrifying implications of a world ruled by A.I, at least for the holiday season, we’ve decided to temporarily embrace the technological advancement that is A.I image generation and use this weird and wonderful tool to make ourselves feel more fully immersed in the festive spirit.

Get ready for some amazing – and amazingly fast – artwork, potentially complete with all your favourite A.I pitfalls including; ‘uncanny valley’ visuals, strangely misspelt tradenames, way too literal interpretations and impossibly positioned landscape locations, that exist only in the minds of our A.I collaborators.

So, what would happen if Marketing Liverpool let the staff loose on Bing Image Creator – with each participating team member competing to design our perfect 2023 Christmas card? You’re about to find out. It’s not quite perfect, and there were many discarded abominations, but it’s still pretty impressive (and totally worth the disapproving side-eye we’re getting from our graphic design team.)

What a truly wonderful world we live in. Enjoy our “in-house” Christmas cards below. If you don’t like them, blame A.I. If you do, they were all us. “Merry Christmas” everyone!

Sue Finnegan, Acting Head of Visitor Economy

Prompt: Bustling fusion of Neo-Expressionist, Basquait and Pop-Art style drawing of the Liverpool Skyline, re-created in colourful stained glass, surrounded by snow.

Chris Adderley, Commercial Manager

Prompt: My inspiration was a traditional Christmas feel – but with a City skyline, and a nod towards football and the iron men…I think Santa is in the plane ?!?! 😊

SarahJane Hewitt, Marketing Campaign Manager

Prompt: Liverpool Christmas Lights Cartoon Merry Christmas

Jess Cavendish, Digital Manager

Prompt: This is me, Princess of Liverpool drinking Prosecco outside the Liver Building ready for the Christmas Eve Ball 🙂

Prompt: 1980s Liverpool City Centre at Christmas time. (Jess loves the lights in this one.)

Prompt: My three cats Seb, Lilo and Loki in the style of a Disney Movie poster

Ian Hughes, Digital and Marketing Manager

Prompt: Scouse Tiny Tim takes his revenge on mean old Scrooge. He repeatedly and angrily tells him to ‘Eff off’. He’s mad as hell. He’s not going to take it anymore. 1950s vintage hand drawn design.

Prompt: The 1980s cast of Brookside star in a stop-motion animated Christmas film. A fish-out-of-water comedy, where they head to London to get their TV show back.

Prompt: Vintage 1950s Christmas card featuring Santa and Pin-up Mrs Claus doing the ‘Gone With the Wind’ / ‘Empire Strikes Back’ pose.

Prompt: Liverpool all made of gingerbread – with lots of sweets. Good enough to eat.

Prompt: Perfect winter scene in Liverpool. Very Dickensian and nostalgic, with lots of snow and rooftops.


Malik Thomas, Graphic Designer

Prompt: Colourful Liverpool Christmas scene at the Albert Dock with Santa Claus and Rudolph in the style of Cubism

Sophie Brereton, Digital Marketing and Social Media Executive

Prompt: Two cute penguins doing their Christmas shopping in Liverpool wearing Santa hats. Red cursive text reads “Merry Christmas. Love from Liverpool x”

Pamela Carroll, Marketing Manager

Prompt: Anything that includes music perhaps – Mariah Carey comes to town – something along those lines?. All I want for Christmas is … Liverpool!

Ian Slater, Senior Graphic Designer

Prompt: Christmassy me, taking a brief from the cast of Muppet Christmas Carol

James Wood, Campaign Marketing Manager

Prompt: Giant reindeer wearing tutus walking around Liverpool. Snowing over Liverpool with glitter ball and disco dancing.

Roz Lloyd, Marketing Manager

Roz wanted to get AI to match the artistry of her nine-year old son, Jamie. Results above. We’ll let you be the judge.

One final image to wrap things up nicely…

Prompt: Warm and fuzzy Christmas in Liverpool, full of the magic and wonder of childhood. Something surreal, minimal, colourful and abstract.

Thank you for viewing our AI Christmas card selection. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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