One of Liverpool’s most magnificent buildings has been chosen to display a series of 13 bright and colourful banners, heralding the world’s first look at the new Eurovision 2023 slogan and visual identity.

Reflecting the power of music to bring people together, the slogan ‘United By Music’ was first revealed yesterday (30th January) when the banners were unfolded in unison to the citizens and visitors of Liverpool.

Adorning the space between hall’s 16 massive central neoclassical pillars, the banners feature an energetic ‘pulsating’ design, with a vibrant and positive colour scheme and official Eurovision 2023 branding.

Hannah Sweeney, Head of Venue Operations for Liverpool City Halls, said:

“The team here have been ecstatic since Liverpool was selected to host Eurovision 2023, back in October, on behalf of Ukraine and the rest of the UK. We’ve been following every development closely and Liverpool can’t wait to welcome the event to our city this year.

“So, we’re incredibly excited to reveal this new visual identity and logo, which aligns greatly with what St George’s Hall has historically always done – bring people together to celebrate our city’s most memorable moments.

“We’ve had such a great response so far, from visitors who are eager to hear any Eurovision updates or news they can get. Honestly, we’re thrilled that there’s so much anticipation. St George’s Hall is the perfect place for big public banners like these.

“Our venue faces Lime Street Station, providing the first welcome to the thousands of train travellers visiting the city centre every day. Together, with Liverpool World Museum, Central Library and St Johns Shopping Centre, St George’s Hall forms a fantastic first impression to Liverpool; one that’s led by culture, creativity, art, history, music and an open, warm and welcoming friendly spirit – all things exemplified by Eurovision 2023.

“To be here and look up at these new banners and see how St George’s Hall continues to support the city of Liverpool and tell its people more about another mayor cultural highlight coming our way, just shows you how our venue continues to be a spiritual beacon for the city and deeply entwined in our shared history and culture.”

Take a closer look by viewing the gallery below.

Photography credit: BBC/James Stack

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