Get involved with the Eurovision Social Programme

Liverpool Waterfront taken from a drone shot at night.

In 2023, Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest. The event should be taking place in Ukraine, but the ongoing full-scale invasion of the country means the UK will instead host the competition this year.

The Grand Final of Eurovision is being delivered by the BBC and will be broadcast live on 13 May to 160 million across the world.

This will bring together three distinct cultures – Ukraine, UK and Eurovision – and present them on an extraordinary stage – the city of Liverpool.

This provides a unique opportunity to showcase the best of what our city has to offer to thousands of visitors and create unique experiences for the 37 delegations and accredited press.

What is the opportunity?

The participating country delegations and accredited press will land in Liverpool in May.

Between rehearsals, performances and reporting the two groups will be offered a unique set of experiences to enjoy the city. These experiences lead to social media and press content from the delegations and is a great opportunity to show the world some of the more unexpected things about Liverpool City Region and its culture.

This is a chance to pull out all the stops. To think outside the box and create a selection of memorable experiences that will showcase Liverpool on the world’s stage.

What are we looking for?

We want to hear from tour operators, attractions and everyone in between who can:

  • Offer unique private experiences for our guests
  • Work in collaboration with other operators and attractions

The programme bookings, transport and delegation and press liaison will be managed by the Social Programme Manager.

The delegations and press will be presented with up to 15 options, of which each group can book 2. Bookings will range from groups of 5-25.


13th March – Present the social programme options to delegations

April – Open up delegation and press bookings

31st April – 13th May – Social programme in operation

Next step.…

To register your expression of interest, email eurovision2023@liverpool.gov.uk with Social Programme as the subject line.

Please complete by Friday 13th January at 5pm.

EOI should include:

  • Name and best contact
  • Details about the experience you can provide
  • Capacity per group and number of groups that can be accommodated
  • Link to website
  • An indication of potential costs – please be aware our budget to support these experiences is limited so we are looking to work in partnership to deliver great opportunities where the value of the reach and profile is taken into account