You know you’ve arrived in Liverpool for many reasons – the architecture, the accents, the skyline and, of course, the friendly welcome. 

Another major tip-off is the giant new Liverpool themed wrap, framing St John’s Shopping Centre and its stunning ultra-high-definition media wall.

Certainly, a big job for sure, but also one that requires a deft amount of restraint and finesse. Marketing Liverpool’s Senior Designer, Ian Slater was never one to step away from a design challenge.

“St John’s media wall wrap is designed to welcome all to a creative, friendly and diverse city. The design plays homage to the city’s culture, heritage and sport. It’s a fun piece of art that keeps giving every time you stop to look, revealing its hidden details. This is all wrapped up in a sixties vibe and kitsch colour palette harking back to the city’s musical beginnings.

“The primary purpose of the wrap is to frame the media wall and promote St Johns Shopping Centre, but the sheer scale of the canvas gives us a great opportunity to welcome the hundreds of thousands of visitors alighting from Liverpool Lime Street Station every year.

“The tricky thing with designing large-scale supporting artwork like this is to not detract from the media wall itself, which generates a significant amount of economic value for the city in terms of advertising space. Nevertheless, we still want to deliver a pop of colour against the fantastic buildings this design will sit amongst. To help achieve this balance a wide frame separates the screen from the design, allowing the screen content to take centre stage.

“We can use this space to not only greet visitors and provide a warm and friendly introduction, but to also say something about Liverpool through the design itself.

“To do this, I subtly brought in some of the global iconography that people associate with Liverpool, in an almost subliminal way. You can also make out the profiles of Liverpool Cathedral, St John’s Beacon, The Chinese Dragon, The Yellow Submarine, but also the crests for Liverpool and Everton Football Club – just a small selection of the major identifiers of our city.

“With something like this the right colour and harmony within the design are key. Too bright or garish a palette will draw the eye too much and possibly clash with the media wall’s video graphics. Too pale a palette or too much white space and you’re not making the most of the opportunity.

“We hope this new wrap design will create conversations and help to provide a perfect welcome to Liverpool city centre for years to come.”

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