Meet Mark, our new Digital Marketing Intern

A Picture of Mark



Recently we welcomed a new addition to the Marketing Liverpool team; Mark Tollerton is working alongside our Digital Manager Jess Cavendish on a 3 month internship. In this piece we will hear more about Mark, his role and his university course.


Mark, tell us about you and your intern role at ML 

A little bit about myself, I’m an energetic and creative individual, this can be seen as I spend a lot of my free time playing tennis, hockey or drawing and designing posters.

My role at Marketing Liverpool is Digital Marketing Assistant. Here I play an active role alongside my mentor Jess, carrying out a range of administrative projects and supporting different digital operations inside ML. 

I’ve also been fortunate enough to attend talks and meetings which has been a really good experience. With only being at ML for a short period of time, I have quickly come to realise that no two days are the same. With Liverpool being such a diverse and wonderful city with lots of events happening, this means we too have lots of diverse and wonderful tasks that need to be completed every day.


What are you studying at university? 

I am currently an Undergraduate Student working towards finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Liverpool John Moores University. The modules that I’ve enjoyed the most are the Practical Digital Marketing Skills where my creativity really came into play as I was tasked with creating a website, an email campaign and designing display ads just to name a few. 

I found the Consumer Behaviour module interesting too, learning about how marketers use different psychological techniques to attract the viewer’s attention. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed this course and it has taught me many skills and knowledge which I look to apply in this internship.


What made you apply for the role at ML? 

After the first few lectures and workshops of the Practical Digital Marketing Skills module at university, I felt like it was the module I’ve engaged in and enjoyed the most. Looking back now at the assessment we had for this module, even though I finished it before the due date, I always kept coming back to make it better, which subsequently paid off as I attained a First-Class Honours for this module. 

Throughout doing this assessment it didn’t feel like it was an assessment or a hindrance I had to complete because I had so much fun doing it. It was the first time where I really understood the famous quote by Mark Twain “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. This was largely one of the factors that made me apply for the Digital Marketing Assistant role as I would be doing work that I really enjoyed but it also allows me to broaden my marketing skills and knowledge while working alongside leading professionals at ML and gaining experience in a real working environment.


What is the best thing about Liverpool? 

I should be accustomed to the city by now with being here for over a decade, however, every time I explore Liverpool, I’m always left amazed, speechless, flabbergasted and other words in the thesaurus which has similar meaning because the city is so beautiful, filled with interesting characters and you can easily find hidden gems of bars, restaurants and places to do things at every street. 

In my opinion the best thing about Liverpool is how diverse the city can be. No matter your background or your reason for being in the city, whether you’re here as a tourist, residence, student, worker or whatever else, Liverpool can accommodate you. And the locals will welcome you with open arms. We’re not the 4th friendliest city in the world for no reason! 


What are your plans once you complete university? 

My aim is to work within a marketing-based role, specifically the digital marketing field. Whilst my Bachelor’s degree is focused on Marketing as a whole, I may decide to do my Master’s degree on digital marketing itself so I can gain more skills and knowledge. The experience that I will have gained from this internship and the real hands-on experience of what to expect from my chosen career choice alongside the skills I’ve learnt from my course will provide me with valuable skills that I hope to utilise within the digital marketing role.