Marketing Liverpool is encouraging Liverpool City Region’s hospitality sector to take part in ‘National Hospitality Day, to boost sales and bolster the return of our city’s lively, sociable and fun-loving atmosphere.


National Hospitality Day is a nationwide celebration of the UK’s resilient restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars, and the suppliers that support them.

On the 18th September 2021, event organisers are hoping to spark ‘the mother of all parties’ – and all to help businesses that have been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. In short, ‘National Hospitality Day’ is asking the nation to go out to help out.


Lockdown has taught us just how much richer our lives are for having hospitality in them. Until last March, we took our favourite destinations for granted. Then, when these establishments were closed, due to the pandemic, we realised how badly we missed the venues at the heart of our communities.

Now, your restaurants, hotels and pubs are back – but you need the nation’s support if you are to survive, thrive and continue to provide the experiences that make life worth living.

‘National Hospitality Day’ is a chance for the nation to say “welcome back – we’ve missed you” by voting with its feet. It will be a celebration of all that’s great about UK hospitality; a collective shout-out for the places we’ve all missed; and a financial shot in the arm for a sector that’s been hit hardest by Covid

‘National Hospitality Day’ challenging restaurants, hotels, pubs and foodservice providers up and down the land to pull out all the stops to put on a really good show, this September, and give the nation a reason to fill your tills and help your get back on your feet – and have some fun while they do so.

Marketing Liverpool Campaign Manager, James Wood, is a strong supporter of the initiative and believes it offers a good chance for Liverpool’s hospitality sector to demonstrate its creativity and entrepreneurial skills. James said:

“Liverpool always responds well to a call to action. Give us a challenge we believe in and we’ll be right there to meet it, head on. ‘National Hospitality Day’ is all about utilising our natural creativity and business acumen to get hospitality businesses back and booming to their fullest.

“Now is the time to really get out there and support our brilliant hospitality sector. We’re asking businesses to really go for it this September and think of ingenious ways to maximise occupancy and profits.

“This can manifest itself in many forms, from simple things like a refreshed menu, up to more extravagant ideas, like themed evenings, or partnering with other businesses to create package deals or simply a big push to your database with a special offer.

“The hospitality sector is one of Liverpool’s hardest working. It’s an exceptionally competitive sector, with long hours and many challenges at the best of times. It’s been heart-breaking to talk to Liverpool’s hospitality business owners and staff over the last 18 months, who’ve met with challenge after challenge.

“However, despite the sustained challenges and ever moving goal posts presented by the pandemic, businesses in this sector have really rolled with the punches and always have lots of ideas to recalibrate and re-strategise. I love that unstoppable spirit that Liverpool businesses have and that’s why I think this campaign is a great fit for our city region.

Fazenda Bar and Grill, Liverpool

Liverpool City Centre’s Brazilian Bar and Grill, Fazenda, are also supporting ‘National Hospitality Day’. Their Relationships & Events Manager, Julia Coutinho Huf, added:

“It’s easy to underestimate how much businesses in the hospitality sector shape and impact our everyday life, from first dates to wedding celebrations, from baby showers to 80th birthday parties and everything in between.

“The pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard. Despite the challenges, operators and their suppliers have demonstrated huge resilience and this national initiative celebrates this.”

To find out more about National Hospitality Day visit nationalhospitalityday.org.uk or email them at info@nationalhospitalityday.org.uk.

For more information on Fazenda visit fazenda.co.uk/liverpool