Explore Liverpool’s Secret Underground War Bunker

Hidden under the streets of Liverpool is a secret WW2 bunker, known today as Western Approaches HQ.

Western Approaches HQ used the COVID-19 lockdown period to add some new additions to the attraction. We asked Georgia Hayes, Business Development Manager, to talk us through their experience.

Can you tell us a little bit about Western Approaches HQ?

Western Approaches HQ is a vast and very secret WW2 bunker hidden beneath the streets of Liverpool. You used to have to sign the Official Secret’s Act to work there, but now it’s open to the public and its many stories can now finally be revealed!

How did the lockdown period impact your business?

The museum and the bunker were closed during lockdown, but the team organised ‘Lockdown Lessons’ for primary school children which were watched all over the world and offered a unique history lesson and taught people about life in WW2 and the work undertaken in Liverpool.

Now that you have reopened, what new safety measures do you have in place?

We were very fortunate that we already operated a one way system, so nothing has changed to what you can see and do. We have added lots of hand sanitizer stations throughout the 1 hour 15 min tour and we ask people to observe social distancing. The bunker is so extensive that space is not a problem!

Have you made any exciting new changes to the attraction since reopening?

We have added new rooms which haven’t been open since 1945. During lockdown we worked hard to open these rooms and original desks, light fittings are all now able to see. We also found lots of hidden items which we hope to put on display.

For those who have never visited before, what would be your top tip to those looking to book?

We would ask that all tickets are bought from our website in advance. This will mean you are then entitled to return for free within a year. Head to www.liverpoolwarmuseu.co.uk.