Free One Year Hospitality, Cultural and Retail Businesses App Listing With Handheld Mobile Video Tours

Calling all Hospitality and Retail businesses in Liverpool City Centre!

Why we created Handheld Mobile Video Tours

There is no better way to experience what really makes a city tick than taking a tour by foot. You get to experience the city ‘up close and personal’, meet the people and really absorb the unique atmosphere.

We love exploring Liverpool and discovering all the great new places and cultural experiences it has to offer. We wanted to make it easy and convenient for visitors and locals alike to find their way around, see the sights and get the most out of everything that Liverpool offers. That is why we created Handheld Mobile Video Tours app. We want to put the City in the palm of the visors hand.

All they need is a smartphone and a taste for adventure

The Handheld Mobile Video Tour app gives visitors a series of tours of different walking distances and durations that take in all the ‘must see’ sites and attractions in the City. It is perfect for visitors to the city, locals wanting to re discover their hometown, parents wanting to entertain and educate the kids and for new students arriving in Liverpool.

Its quick and easy to do

It is so easy. Visitors download the free Handheld Mobile Video Tours app from the Apple or Android app store to their smart phone. They then purchase an activation code for just £3.99 from this website.

Then they just enter their email address and the activation code in the app to get all the great tours, entertaining videos, hospitality, cultural and retail offers right away.

Now they are ready to go

Now they can choose from three different length tours, depending on what they want to see, or how much time they have available. When they reach a location on the tour, the app automatically alerts them to watch an informative video about the history of that location on their smartphone. What makes things even better, is that the Handheld Mobile Video Tours app is full of ideas and offers for great bars, coffee shops, restaurants, attractions, hotels and Liverpool ONE retailers. The app prioritises offers and discounts near the users’ location, so they can take advantage of them as they go.

Visitors can stop whenever they like on a tour to relax and take photos, grab a coffee, lunch, sample a cocktail or indulge in some retail therapy. They are totally in charge of their day. They even can see how many calories they will burn on the walking tour, so nobody needs to feel guilty about sampling the goodies hey find on route!

Depending on how energetic visitors are feeling, or how much time they have available, they will find a tour that is exactly right for them, day or night.

Richard Barber, MD of Handheld Mobile Video Tours commented:

“We have been trying hard to work with Marketing Liverpool, local hospitality businesses and attractions for over a year to enhance the visitor experience to Liverpool by developing this unique app and putting the best Liverpool has to offer in Culture, Hospitality and Retail in one convenient place for visitors.

With the gradual re opening of the city In the light of Covid-19, we think now is a great time to encourage local people, as well as visitors, to take the time to rediscover Liverpool and remind themselves just what a spectacular city we are all fortunate to be living in.

That is why we are offering Hospitality, Cultural and Retail businesses in Liverpool City Centre, a totally FREE listing in the Handheld Mobile Video Tours app for One Year”

Calling all Hospitality, Cultural and Retail businesses in Liverpool City Centre!

Here is your chance to join dozens of businesses with a ‘FREE FOR ONE YEAR’ listing in the Handheld Mobile Video Tours app. Aimed at guiding visitors and locals alike, to discover and experience the fantastic sights and sounds of Liverpool, along with all the great hospitality, cultural and retail businesses in the city.

All you need to do to get your FREE LISTING FOR ONE YEAR, is visit this website and upload the required information to put your business in front of excited and curious visitors and locals. All we ask is that you offer some form of discount, offer or promotion that enhances the visitors experience when they use the app. You can change your offer at any time through the year by uploading the new details to the same URL.

We are doing all we can to help hospitality and retail businesses in Liverpool City Centre rebuild in the light of COVID-19 and we hope this FREE ONE YEAR listing may just help a little

This FREE ONE YEAR LISTING offer is available until September 30th, 2020. (There is no ongoing commitment at the end of the free period).