Working from Home: Jane’s Diary

This week’s Working From Diary is brought to you by Jane, our Club Liverpool Programme Manager!

Each week we’re asking a member of the team to provide us with their WFH diary to give you an idea of what we’re all up to whilst at home!

About Jane  👋

Jane is our Club Liverpool Programme Manager! Club Liverpool is a network of ambassadors who bid to bring conferences and events to Liverpool.

Jane’s Diary ✏️

8.30 am
Alarm goes off, jump out of bed, shower and find the nearest pair of leggings and t-shirt. Grab a cup of tea, switch on the computer and ready to go by 9am! Hard to believe what I used to do by 9am on a working day but it involved make up, shoes, traffic jams, school, trains and lifts which are all pretty alien at the moment.

This ‘early’ the house is pretty quiet.

My twin teenage sons have had their GCSEs, NCS, Duke of Edinburgh, rugby, cricket and general summer of fun cancelled. They are now nocturnal – on the X-Box with friends until the wee small hours!

We are launching a Club Liverpool campaign this week to encourage people from across the city to work with us and bid for a conference. Some of the events we are looking at are as far in the future as 2025. So, lots of emails signing off on the campaign, press release etc. today. It’s exciting working on something like this but really wish I was in the office with colleagues to bounce ideas off.

The first part of the campaign will focus on our current ambassadors, we are also working with hospitality partners from across the city to produce a video highlighting the impact a conference has on the local economy.

Drag the nearest teenager out of bed to help make lunch. Today we had toasted sandwiches and Heinz tomato soup!

Slap on a bit of mascara and brush hair as the top half of me is going to be seen this afternoon.

Couple of Zoom meetings, our creative team are working on an infographic to demonstrate the ripple effect a conference has on the city region. Great to see and chat to colleagues – see who has grown a beard recently (not me fortunately). Then another longer Zoom with Roz who looks after Club Liverpool’s marketing. We were updating the website together live as she was sharing her screen. Three months ago I didn’t even know this technology existed, it’s amazing.

Our daily Liverpool Convention Bureau team Zoom. This is when we catch up on what we’ve all been doing and have a bit of the friendly office chit chat which we all miss so much.

Despite being unable to lift my legs due to doing a low impact exercise video yesterday, today I have done a beginners yoga class. I’ve done a bit of yoga before – but it’s been so long, don’t want to overdo it!

We always make a big deal of cooking our evening meal and eating together as a family. Despite all the things we are missing out on we are all healthy and for the most part enjoying spending time together!

My husband has been perfecting his bread making skills since lockdown, we’ve had breads from all over the world. I’d like to be a strong person who can resist but I’m not – and those leggings don’t seem to be getting any looser!

We try and squeeze in some family viewing before the X-Box marathon begins. We’ve watched every episode of The Thick of It and W1A, now doing the Vicar of Dibley which has definitely stood the test of time.