Are you Good to Go?

Last week, a free UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark to reassure your customers was announced by VisitEngland. Have you got yours?

To support you as you work towards re-opening and welcoming customers, the ‘We’re Good To Go’ COVID-19 industry standard and consumer mark is now available to provide a ‘ring of confidence’ for businesses, attractions and destinations as well as reassurance to local residents and visitors that clear processes are in place and that as a business you are good to go.

We’ve spoken to two Marketing Liverpool partners who have already received their accreditation. Here’s what they had to say…

Peter Guy, Fab4 Taxi Tours

For us it was important that when we start operating again after coming out of lock-down we have robust safety protocols in place and that we are able to communicate this message to our drivers, customers, partners and the communities that we operate in. The ‘We’re Good to Go” safety accreditation allows us to operate with confidence and inspires trust in us.

Moving forward, it is important as a destination that we embrace this initiative. The more operators that become accredited, the stronger the safety message that we can promote as a destination and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

We are preparing to re-open for our Liverpool tours on Saturday 11th July. We are in the final stages of putting our safety protocols in place and this has been helped by working in partnership with Travsafe, a company based here in our region. Travsafe has been setup specifically in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to supply tourism operators with an efficient and cost effective solution to provide the necessary PPE to operate safely.

We understand that our road to recovery is working in partnership with likeminded tourism businesses. This kite-mark will hopefully give potential partners the confidence to work with us. This will be an extraordinary summer for tourism. We are used to operating over 4,000 tours a year with the vast majority of our customers coming from the USA and Europe. Sadly we realise that they won’t be visiting us this year, however, we remain positive as we are gearing up to offer the 1.5 million people who live in the Liverpool City Region the opportunity to re-discover their city as part of the Love Your Liverpool campaign.

Paul Beesley, The Liverpool Tour Guide Service

It seems that three word slogans are the order of the day. Boris Johnson talks about ‘Build, Build, Build’ while for Sir Keir Starmer it’s ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’!

For me it would have to be ‘Confidence, Confidence, Confidence’. No matter how much marketing we do, no matter how much we think that people are chomping at the bit to travel again, if they lack confidence to do so, we will fail to see the resurrection of our visitor industry

It was for this reason that I decided to apply for the ‘We’re Good to Go’ quality mark from VisitEngland. This is an ideal way, with the strongest of national backing, to demonstrate, as robustly as possible, that we not only want to see visitors again but that we are taking their health and safety seriously.

We all know that the Liverpool City Region is a great place to visit; we all know that we have been through tough times before; we all know how to fight back; we all know that we are strongest when we are ‘Team Liverpool’. Let’s do this together.

If we all pull together, support Marketing Liverpool, and all achieve this quality mark, we will send a powerful message to potential visitors that the Liverpool City Region is a place where those working in the visitor industry take the safety of visitors very seriously.

Let’s not just say ‘We’re Good to Go’ but let us say, with one voice ‘We’re ALL Good to Go’!

How do I find out more?

We’ve got a dedicated page on ‘We’re Good to Go’ right here. You’ll find all the info you need, as well as how to apply.