Club Liverpool Launch New Recruitment Campaign

Club Liverpool, the city’s ambassador programme, is running a campaign to recruit new ambassadors who can bring a conference to the city as part of Liverpool’s recovery plan.

Conferences play an important part in keeping the visitor economy buoyant and showcasing the city to the world which leads to trade, investment, knowledge and talent growth.

Chair of Club Liverpool, Colin Sinclair, outlined this during the Liverpool Visitor Economy Network webinar earlier today (25th June) when he emphasised that through this campaign Liverpool will be on the front foot when it comes to building on our position at the centre of the visitor economy in the UK.

When a conference comes to Liverpool hundreds of people are involved in making the experience memorable for the delegates. From the conference organisers to the venue team, hotel staff, caterers, bar staff, retailers, taxi drivers and cleaners, everyone plays a part and everyone benefits.

How to get involved

Club Liverpool is a network of people who are in a position to be able to attract and host a conference in the city. Members are called ambassadors because of the work they do to improve the economic impact of the city. They come from a cross section of the city – academics, leading medics, and heads of organisations. The thing they all have in common is influence.

If you are a member of a society or association which holds an annual conference or you attend conferences, please consider bidding for that event to come to Liverpool. The Club Liverpool team will work with you to:-

– Prepare the bid document

– Find a suitable venue for the event

– Provide an accommodation booking service

This support is free whether you are looking to bring an event for 5,000 people in the convention centre or a meeting for 50 people.

Club Liverpool will be running a social campaign starting next week, so do get involved and engage with us where you can.

Find out more about Club Liverpool and get in touch with the team by visiting clubliverpool.co.uk.