New Safety Measures at Liverpool John Lennon Airport as Airline Services Begin to Return

As we all look towards a recovery from the current COVID-19 crisis, Liverpool John Lennon Airport is delighted to welcome back passengers as airline services begin to return.

More flights are due to recommence over the coming weeks and whilst the safety and security of all passengers and employees has always been the Airport’s top priority, throughout this crisis staff have been preparing the Airport in order to welcome back customers who can now continue to take advantage of Liverpool’s relaxed passenger experience, reassured that comprehensive measures are in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Here’s what some of the new safety features look like 👇

Key to passenger safety will be to adhere to much the same measures that we are all becoming used to elsewhere, with changes to the passenger journey including:

  • A one way passenger flow when entering and leaving the terminal, with travelling passengers or those assisting a passenger only allowed in to the building.
  • Face coverings to be worn at all times and available from vending machines for those who do not already have them.
  • Hand sanitisers to be used regularly and immediately available upon entering the terminal and throughout the building.
  • Hand luggage is strongly encouraged to be checked in with those needing to check-in or have hold luggage, using the queuing areas provided, whilst maintaining at least 2m between other passengers who are not family members or travelling together. Floor markings help to maintain the necessary distancing and check-in staff will now sit behind screens.
  • Lifts are still available for all passengers however a maximum of 2 people are allowed in a lift at a time, or 1 family who are travelling together.
  • Security procedures are much the same as they were previously and the Airport expects passengers to be able to pass through quickly. Floor markings once again help to maintain the necessary social distancing throughout the queuing area with passengers recommended to use the hand sanitisers provided, both immediately prior to passing through the security checks and as they leave this area. Security Officers needing to undertake a hand search with close contact will be wearing protective visors and trays used to screen hand luggage and personal belongings will also be regularly cleaned.
  • A limited number of shops will hopefully be open in the Departure Lounge by early July. Until this time, limited refreshments are available via vending machines.
  • Passengers are now required to scan their own boarding card at the Departure Gate, with handling agent staff on hand to assist passengers whilst remaining behind protective screens.
  • Similar measures are also in place when passengers return home through the Arrivals areas.

In addition to the above, cleaning throughout the terminal will take place continually with a particular focus on passenger touch points throughout the terminal and deep cleaning throughout the building taking place each evening.

LJLA’s Head of PR Robin Tudor commented,

“The Airport is known for its Faster Easier Friendlier passenger experience and we believe passengers can take advantage of the convenience of flying from their local airport with plenty of space available throughout, reassured that comprehensive measures are in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus. We are working closely with our airline partners to recommence more services over the coming weeks and months which will hopefully start to see the return of visitors to the City Region too.”

Further information can be found on the LJLA website here.