Working From Home: Rachael’s Diary


Each week we’re asking a member of the team to provide us with their WFH diary to give you an idea of what we’re all up to whilst at home!

About Rachael 👋

Rachael sits within our Liverpool Convention Bureau team as our International Conference Bidding Manager. Her role within the Convention Bureau team has recently changed and Rachael is now responsible for bringing international conferences and events to Liverpool.

Rachael’s Diary ✏

I bet that got your attention.. I’m going to be honest I roll out of bed at 8.45am. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my sleep so I’m making the most of lockdown life by getting every minute I can. I’d usually be sat on The Strand in rush hour traffic at this time so I’m really appreciating the new calm commute to my living room.

After a short walk downstairs, I’m greeted by my new colleagues, aka my mum and dad. It’s a rather rowdy office with my dad on constant Zoom calls and my mum demanding to have This Morning on in the background, I find my peace by having a large cup of coffee and putting my headphones in – to drown them out!

I start my day by checking Trello, which is an online collaboration and work management tool. I use it as an online to do list which helps me prioritise tasks for the day/week ahead (if you don’t have Trello your missing out – shout out to Jess Cavendish for introducing me!).

After catching up on a few emails, I’m ready to get on with the days tasks. My role within the Convention Bureau team has recently changed and I’m now responsible for bringing international conferences and events to Liverpool.

The majority of my time is spent researching potential events which could take place in Liverpool. My research mainly focuses on Liverpool’s sector strengths, the ICCA association database is my new best friend and a great tool for identifying conferences within key sectors such as Health and Life Sciences or Digital and Creative.

Not to give away too much, but we have recently submitted an exciting bid working with Club Liverpool ambassadors across three Universities for July 2022. It’s been a tough few weeks having to rearrange events but it’s really positive to continue to work on a number of enquiries and bids for the future.

Lunch time, I’m missing the daily debate about where to go for lunch… Subway, Greggs or my absolute favourite Listo Burrito. Instead I spend a good 10 minutes debating whether to have my eggs fried, scrambled, poached or boiled. I’ve now also perfected an iced caramel latte (miss you Starbucks) which is perfect to enjoy outside in the sunshine with my very boring lunch.

Biscuit break – If we were in the office, Suzanne would usually appear at my desk with some sort of chocolatey treat to keep us going. Out of respect for Suzanne I have kept the tradition alive and always have a biscuit in my hand at around 2pm.

By now, I’ve often found an interesting article or local news story which has given me something to get my teeth into for the afternoon. It’s fascinating the amount of research and work being undertaken within the city which is transforming lives and kick starting new projects. This time in lockdown has allowed me to stay up to date with industry news which helps to identify new opportunities for bidding.

Time for our daily LCB catch up call! I’m really missing our office chats, it’s great to have a daily call to make sure everyone’s well and catch up on anything urgent. We often go off topic, discussing everything from how we’re coping without our hairdressers to who’s going to kill their partner/kids first! Our call really brightens my day, it’s so important to communicate and stay connected in these crazy times.

I’m not a morning person so I prefer to work out after work. At the start of lockdown I downloaded the FIIT app which has hundreds of online cardio, strength and yoga classes which you can complete at home. I find exercise has really helped my mood and focus during lockdown.


– Take this time to appreciate the little things we normally take for granted
– Sign up to Trello (I promise I’m not on commission)
– Start watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race on Netflix (12 seasons, approx. 12 episodes per season = occupied until 2021)
– Get into a good book, thanks to Lucy for The Hunting Party recommendation