Live From The MSP Lockdown Lounge

This week, 4th June, we held our very first virtual event, live from the MSP Lockdown Lounge!

MSP Global is an Event Production Company based in Bootle, specialising in AV Hire, Production and Broadcast.

MSP Global have been producing and broadcasting major events for leading brands for over 35 years, with a capacity to deliver events anytime, anywhere.

Their ethos is to operate seamless events, produced to the highest standards. They achieve this through their team’s experience, technical expertise and passion for what they do.

They have created an innovative way to deliver your event safely and professionally, but without missing out on the fun! Their mobile Virtual Studio can be built to suit your needs with their LED Video Wall, Studio Lighting, Branded Lectern and Broadcast Cameras making it look as extravagant or as simple you want it to be.


MSP Global understand engaging the audience might seem challenging, which is why they brought Q&As, Voting Systems, Video Conferencing and Social Media Walls to the rescue.

In addition to the above, they offer content creation including on-screen graphics and an edited video so that you can keep a record or use for further distribution.

Take a look at the MSP demo showcasing their Virtual Studio in action below

If you’d like to know more, we’d encourage you to get in touch with MSP Global. They look forward to answering any questions you may have on their Virtual Studio and to sharing their full range of virtual services with you all.

Contact a member of their team today on 0344 811 0901 or email events@msp-av.co.uk