VisitLiverpool, just not right now

Imagine working for a brand whose sole purpose is to encourage visitors to Liverpool City Region.

Sounds fun? Yes, working for VisitLiverpool is fun. But now imagine working for VisitLiverpool during a lockdown. During a time when the public are urged NOT to travel unless it’s competently essential, it would be nonsensical for us to continue urging potential visitors to visit Liverpool.

So what do we do? We can’t hibernate until it’s all safe to come out again. If we hide, we get forgotten and Liverpool is not a city that hides or is ever forgotten. 

Instead what we’ve done is flip the brand on its head. Across our digital channels we have been actively telling people NOT to visit Liverpool through a slight name alteration – VisitLiverpool, Later. We’re not saying we don’t want you, we just don’t want you right now. 

Our social channels have had name changes and a suite of content has been created by our digital and design team especially for lockdown. 

The team have held weekly quizzes across the VL(L) social channels, created word searches, worksheets, colouring in sheets, VL(L) bingo, written blogs and created a playlist alongside continuing to share beautiful imagery of the city region. The team have also worked with local bloggers and photographers to continue sharing perspectives of Liverpool through ‘takeovers’ on the instagram accounts.

All of the content created by the team can be found on VisitLiverpool.com and the newly created VisitLiverpool.com/visitliverpoollater page.

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