Working from home: Chris’s Diary


Each week we’re asking a member of the team to provide us with their WFH diary to give you an idea of what we’re all up to whilst at home!

About Chris 👋

Chris oversees our commercial activities and works across many of our Marketing Liverpool projects. For someone who is extremely sociable and also active, this period provides a whole host of challenges.

Chris’s Diary ✏

Normally my alarm call to begin the working day – but this has recently been overtaken by my children acting as a more natural alarm! I’ve 3 boys aged between 5 and 12 and so this ‘pre-work’ period, provides a chance to have breakfast together and discuss with them what homework needs to be done that day.

Personally I didn’t know who Joe Wicks was until a few weeks ago – I do now – and so will most parents! After a quick family exercise session in the living room we’re all pumped for the day ahead! The ceiling lights may never be the same again, as whilst doing a few star jumps quite aggressively, I nearly removed them completely!

Shower and ‘dress for work’. I always feel more work-orientated being dressed for the day ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suited and booted – but certainly ‘day-ready’!

I don’t miss the commute!

The ‘office’ is now the kitchen – which sees me share the breakfast-table with my wife who works in the NHS (amazing job by the way to everyone associated with the brilliant NHS).

Catch up on some emails that have come in overnight – a partner looking for some assistance and guidance, whilst another enquiry is around one of our future publications.

Couple of specific telephone calls with team members – today I’ve chatted with my colleague in accounts, John Donelon, around a few financial matters and also with our Campaign Manager, James Wood, about the content in a forthcoming newsletter.

Quick coffee break – thank goodness for Nespresso!  It’s time to chat with the family and get bombarded with homework questions – the last one being ‘Who assassinated Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria to start WW1?’ #Multitasking #TakeMeOut

We had a full ML team call on Zoom – which I think we’ve all now become accustomed to as the ‘new norm’. We discussed a wide range of topics and future plans.

Lunchtime – as a family we try and keep some structure to the day, as I think it’s important for the children. Quick sandwich and drink followed by a short craft activity. For school the younger children have been drawing around their hands and lower arms and then writing inside the ‘arm-outline’ anything they feel is important to them as a person. For my eldest, we do a short bit of football in the garden, his under 13’s football team have been setting fun skills challenges via WhatsApp!

An afternoon catching up by phone and Zoom with a few different partners around their plans for later in year.

I can’t wait, when the time is right, to move from #VisitLiverpoolLater to just VisitLiverpool – I’m sure everyone feels the same.

Tea break – quick cuppa, Rich Tea biscuit and a quick family pow-wow.

Then back to the ‘office’ for a final finance push – reviewing the budgets and cost centres for 2020/21.

I’m kindly asked to finish by my 5-year old, Shay, as he’d like to go on a ‘short exercise stroll’ apparently. He’s got a face you just can’t say ‘no’ to!

My Top Tips 😎

– Get out of your PJs and get work ready!
– Try and keep a structure if possible to your day
– Remember to chat to colleagues and smile as often as possible
– Don’t forget to make time for others in the house – you’re in this together!
– Music tip – Sing-Along Essentials on Apple Music

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