Working From Home: Stefan’s Diary

This week’s Working From Home Diary is brought to you by Stefan, our Digital Marketing Executive!

Each week we’re asking a member of the team to provide us with their WFH diary to give you an idea of what we’re all up to whilst at home!

About Stefan 👨‍💻

Stefan works in our digital team, working across our Marketing Liverpool, Liverpool Convention Bureau and VisitLiverpool brands. From websites to social media, Stefan gets involved with all sorts of digital projects right across the company.

Stefan’s Diary 📖

I’m definitely taking advantage of the fact it’s now possible (and acceptable) to have a lie in! Usually I have to be up super early to make sure I have enough time to have a couple of cuppa’s, get ready and battle the rush hour traffic.

It’s also a bonus that I don’t have to use half a can of hair spray on my hair every morning!

After my morning cup of tea and yogurt & fruit, it’s time to get ready for my morning run in the beautiful Hampstead Heath park. I’m currently in London with family, so I’m definitely taking advantage of the parks and streets being quiet to put my earphones in and get in as much running as I can!

I still make sure I start my day at 9AM and not any earlier or later, keeping to a routine. Just like how when I’m in the office, no two days are ever the same! A big part of my role is communicating with our partners across our digital channels, and with new information emerging everyday, plans can change at the last minute!

I try to get all of my emails that I never had the chance to finish the day before read and actioned in the morning, leaving me the rest of the day to get on with that day’s tasks.

One thing I’m really enjoying at home is having the time to prepare my own lunches – something I never got to do when in the office. Shamefully, my mum would always make my lunch for me, so I’m using this time to perfect my cooking skills.

A lot of my time recently has been spent preparing our newsletter, which we’ve increased from fortnightly to weekly during the pandemic in order to keep our partners as up to date as possible. Putting it together takes a lot more work than it may seem – it currently involves lots of Zoom calls, emails, copy writing and video editing!

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Another pretty important task I’m working on at the minute is the Liverpool City Council volunteering programme. Along with colleagues across ML and the council, I have to match up our vulnerable residents with volunteers across the city. It’s great to be able to play a very small part in helping the city get through the coronavirus pandemic.

This often involves making lots of calls and speaking to lots of people from all different walks of life – all with one common goal, to help those in need.

Now it’s time to start finishing things off for the day. Again, I always aim to finish for 5PM, so I’m easily able to step away from ‘work’ and into ‘home’ life. This usually involves making some final phone calls, saving any edits to the website and firing off a few emails.

If it’s a Friday, it’s time for the ML team quiz – something we’ve been doing every Friday since lockdown began! It’s a great way for the team to get together and not have to worry about work for an hour – it’s definitely boosting all of our spirits!

Now that I’ve finished for the day, it’s time to start preparing dinner! One of my favourites of the last couple of weeks has been homemade sausage rolls! Rachael Molyneux in our LCB team kindly gave me her recipe, and I’m pretty proud of the result!

After dinner, it’s time to settle down and start binge watching Netflix! Me, Lucy and Rachael have been having Netflix watch parties each week, so even though we can’t do our usual after work social events, we can still do so from home!


Find a hobby
Whether it’s something as extreme as learning a new language or something more simple like starting to run, find something you enjoy and stick at it. Three weeks ago I couldn’t boil an egg (no joke), and now I’m learning how to cook my own meals. Best of all, I’m really enjoying it and it’s giving me something to work towards!

Keep talking
It’s a pretty strange situation for everyone at the moment and we’re all facing it in different ways. One thing I’ve really found to help me is to keep talking – to friends, family and colleagues! If you’re not able to talk to these, try going on Twitter and getting into a conversation with a stranger – you’d be surprised, some of the best friendships have been formed via Twitter!

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