Love Liverpool: An A-Z of Hope

Love Liverpool: An A-Z of Hope is an exciting new project from Everyman & Playhouse.

People in the city are asked to submit audio, video or written word about a place that means something to them, which will then be combined to make a weekly letter to Liverpool, from Liverpool.

Whether it’s a place that always reminds you of home, or a coffee shop where you broke up with your first love, the stories will be put together to create a tapestry of memories and feelings attached to the streets of the city. This could be a monologue or poem of joyful memories, funny anecdotes and even the stories somewhere that may be a little painful to visit now.

Stories selected will join commissioned local artists tasked with providing their own stories of Liverpool. Artists already commissioned for the project include Amina Atiq, Luke Barnes, Mandy Revers-Rowe and Chloë Moss. Through monologues included in letters, each artist will take audiences to a spot in Liverpool that is important to them.

Friends of the Everyman & Playhouse will also make an appearance providing ‘picnics’ – insights from famous faces that may be a recipe, an anecdote of Liverpool, or just a message of love to our city.

Gemma Bodinetz, artistic director of Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres, said:

“With our buildings in lockdown we wanted to create an opportunity to interact with our audiences, communities and artists. Love, Liverpool is a digital project that we hope the whole city will want to enjoy. It’s a digital geographic journey of memories through the city and along the route we’ve asked some rather special people to provide some digital picnics and literary inspiration.”

Submissions for Love, Liverpool: An A-Z of Hope are open from 5pm on Wednesday 6 May. Anyone who wishes to take part will need to submit a short summary of a story, monologue or poem about Liverpool before 5pm on Wednesday 13 May.

The Everyman & Playhouse team will then select a number of stories to be included in the project. Visit www.everymanplayhouse.com/love-liverpool/submissions for further information and to submit your story.