Working From Home: Lucy’s Diary

This week’s Working From Home Diary is brought to you by Lucy, our Communications Executive!

Each week we’re asking a different member of the team to provide us with their WFH diary, to give you an idea of what we’re all up to whilst at home!


Lucy works in our PR and Comms team and works to gain national and international coverage for Liverpool City Region. From planning press visits to working on the PR for our campaigns, Lucy works across the team and also leads on all of our influencer relations.



I won’t lie, when we first started working from home I definitely made the most of having longer in bed in the morning but now the alarm goes off at 7.30am and I try to get up and ready for the day. I find getting up and dressed helps me to feel a bit more ‘normal’ but although my hair might be straightened and my makeup on, there’s normally some sort of joggers and fluffy slippers combo going on under the desk…comfort is key!


When we’re in the office I never seem to have time for breakfast before I leave so I’m always tucking into porridge or crumpets at my desk. Since working from home the breakfast at my desk ritual is one I’ve carried on and I sit down with a cup of tea and bowl of chocolate Shreddies as I open my emails and get all our systems set up.

I decided to set up a proper desk space to work at and so far it’s working well. I’m right by our big windows so I can look out to (a very quiet) Liverpool City Centre and I even brought a couple of Nik Naks home from my desk at work. This way once 5pm rolls around I can shut everything down and relax away from ‘the office’.


I’ve tried to stick to a similar routine at home as I have in the office so I always start the day going through my emails, making sure there’s nothing that’s been missed or that needs following up. I’m working on a couple of features for national publications so I spend some time chatting with the journalists to make sure they have everything they need and arranging some interviews with a few of our partners.


Today it’s one of our bi-weekly Marketing Liverpool team Zoom calls. They’re a great way to find out what everyone else is working on and to bring up any ideas we’ve had for our own content and social media. With so many businesses and destinations adapting how they operate there is inspiration everywhere at the moment!


Lunchtime aka my favourite part of the day! I’m enjoying being able to make my lunch from scratch in the kitchen and always make sure I step away from my desk and laptop to eat lunch. I normally watch a couple of YouTube videos or catch the re-runs of Loose Women that are on TV…everyone has a guilty pleasure!


This afternoon I’m joining a webinar called ‘Social with Media’ which will include a panel of national travel journalists. The webinar will allow them to explain exactly what they’re looking for in terms of editorial stories at the moment and what they think the travel journalism landscape will look like in the future. It’s hard to know what to plan for the next few months so insights like this are always useful. I’m also really enjoying trying out new virtual activities whether it’s a webinar or a Zoom quiz!


Following the webinar I take some time to catch up with Joe who I work alongside in our PR team. As well as updating him on the insights from the webinar it’s a good chance to catch up on what we’re both working on and just have a general chat. It’s easy to take for granted sitting by each other in the office and having someone to bounce ideas off all the time so regular catch ups over the phone are key.


After writing up my webinar notes I also put together a brief article for LinkedIn of 5 key findings, some of the points that were raised were really interesting and I think they’ll prove useful when we enter the recovery phase. If you’re interested you can read the article here


I spend the last hour of the day similarly to how I spend the first, checking up on a couple of projects that are still running and making sure I’ve replied to any emails that have come in whilst I was on the webinar. I’m working on some content for the VisitLiverpool website so I take some time to plan this out and research any info I need, ready to get writing tomorrow.


Once the working day is over I try and get some fresh air. Living in a city centre apartment means the thing I have struggled with most is the lack of garden or outdoor space. An evening walk along the waterfront is the perfect way to get some fresh air and mark the end of the working day.


Go easy on yourself – it can be easy to think that everyone is being super productive during lockdown. Whether it’s learning a new skill, baking amazing cakes or working out 3 times a day, but if you find that you’re enjoying taking a slower pace then that’s great too. Don’t feel pressured to achieve too much, we all adapt in our own way.

Set yourself tasks to achieve – with that being said it can easy to relax a little too much without the pressures of the office environment. Set yourself daily and weekly goals of what you want to achieve, writing them down will allow you to see clearly what you’re aiming for each day.