Working From Home: Sam’s Diary

This week’s working from home diary is brought to you by Sam, our Marketing Assistant!

Each week we’re asking a different member of the team to provide us with their WFH diary, to give you an idea of what we’re all up to whilst at home!

About Sam

Sam’s role in the ML team is to work with domestic and overseas tour operators to drive groups of visitors to the city, organise FAM trips and help deliver some of ML’s key publications including the Visitor and Travel Trade guide.

Sam’s Diary


I won’t lie, I’m not a super early riser! The first thing I do when I wake up is jump in the shower which usually gives a good shock to the system to wake me up properly. Once that’s over I’m feeling fresh and ready for the day.


Next is coffee – a cringe-worthy LFC mug is a must! At this point, I’m missing the Nespresso machine we have at work, although I never remember to bring my own pods in. It’s a good job I’ve got some friendly colleagues who usually are willing to lend me some! Accompanying the coffee is a simple bowl of Cheerio’s.


Make notes for the catch up call.

Since we started working at home, I have been set up on the living room table. I’ve actually been enjoying working in a nice, bright environment and accessing everything through my work laptop has been a breeze so far.


Cath-up with James.

James is our Marketing Campaign Manager and we work closely together on a number of trade and consumer projects.

We have a Google Hangout every morning. It’s good to have a catch up first thing and outline what to work on for that day, whilst also having a general catch up on what we’ve been up to. Just as we would in the office.


ML team Zoom call time!

Wednesday is the team Zoom call, where everyone has the opportunity to update the team on what they’re working on. I find it interesting to see all sides of the business and see what projects everyone is working on. Like most companies during this time we’ve had some humorous technical difficulties, although these have all been smoothed over now.


Walk in Sefton Park.

I’m incredibly lucky to live right on the edge of one of the city’s most beautiful parks, so I take advantage of it by going on a walk on my lunch break past the Palm House, down to the lake and back again (of course keeping a safe distance apart from anyone). I always find some fresh air and stretching my legs can be very energising.

Here’s a snap I took of the lake…


Liverpool Attraction Group comms.

In the afternoon I work on some communications with our LAG partners by setting up a Zoom meeting. It’s been great to hear from our partners during these strange times, and there’s been a positive response with people keen to catch up.


Make pasta.

A few weeks back I couldn’t find pasta anywhere in the shops. I love cooking from scratch, so I decided to have a crack at making my own fresh pasta. A few YouTube videos later (thanks Tasty!) and we have some edible pasta. Below are some pictures showing you the before, during and after stage of my most recent attempt.

I followed this recipe – youtube.com/watch?v=YNHqjFyk5gU

Two Top Tips

Keep in touch – I’ve been having catch ups with team members that I don’t directly work with because I think it’s important not to go into your own silo. I’d feel awkward if I got back into the office and realised, I hadn’t spoken to someone for months.

Learn something new – Getting lost in a new hobby or skill can be a good use of time. I’ve been studying an MA in Cities Culture and Creativity which has helped the weekends and evenings fly by.