Working From Home – Jess’ Diary

As the UK is in a state of lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), our team are all working from home.

We thought we’d give you an insight into our new way of working by asking each member of our team to complete a ‘Working From Home Diary‘. First up we’ve got Jess – our digital manager!

Jess manages and oversees our digital platforms such as websites, emails and social media for brands like VisitLiverpool and Marketing Liverpool. Working alongside the rest of her digital colleagues, Stefan, Sophie and Ian and the PR and Comms Team, Joe and Lucy, communication amongst colleagues is key and this must be kept up at home. 

For someone who thrives off human interaction and conversation, working from home is not Jess’ natural habitat.

Here’s what happened on day 1…

My alarm goes off and normally I’d already be on my way to the gym by now – I go to JD on Dale Street but as this isn’t safe to do so right now I go downstairs and get myself a pre-workout.

By this time the pre-workout has kicked in. I have moved my coffee table and rug in the living room and my Google Home is playing my ‘Tunes for Soph’ playlist – a mix of progressive house and dance music… IDEAL for a home workout in my opinion.

The home workout I put together was slightly long – I think I thought I was an olympic athlete. Going to the gym before work really helps to set me up for the day, so I am going to continue to try and do this even when we are at home.

After this I cooked 2 steaks, some chicken, broccoli and cauliflower. I have no idea why, it’s not what I would normally do, but I like to have food ready for my lunches. So at least this is taking away the need to snack! I also follow a keto diet so I don’t want this to slip while at home.

I had a shower then popped on a casual outfit and my work lanyard – This just makes me feel more in ‘work-mode.’ Why not? I also put some make-up on as this is just routine for me. I need routine to keep me sane!

I headed up to my ‘dressing room’ which has now been converted into a home office and logged onto the numerous platforms we are currently using! WhatsApp web, Trello, Google Drive, Email, Google Hangouts, Facebook and Twitter!

We had a social team (Jess, Sophie and Stefan) catch-up video call on Google Hangouts just to check in with each other and discuss what we’ll be working on on that day.

We had a full team call which started on Google Hangouts – however switched to zoom after a few technical issues (which was always going to be inevitable)!

After the full team call we checked in again with the social team just to debrief. Then we stay in touch throughout the day on Google Hangouts chat!

I brought the kettle up to the dressing room-turned-office and made a black coffee. I drink it through my handy metal straw from Wild Thang – I hate drinking drinks without a straw! I also brought home my VisitLiverpool water bottle to keep things familiar.

I do a quick workout in the garden on video chat with my personal trainer! It consists of kettlebell swings, romanian deadlifts and farmers walks.

After this I took up my steak and veg to my desk and video called my friend on WhatsApp while I eat it.

I mostly work at my desk with AirPods in when in the office, as I find it difficult to concentrate. But now I am at home I use my Google Home mini and can have my house music playlist on full blast. So I put this on and lock the cats out of the office as they’re driving me insane.

For the rest of the afternoon I get my head into a spreadsheet of tasks for VL.com’s SEO project.

I pop down to the kitchen for a change of scenery and a snack. I absolutely love peanut butter out the jar… You’ll always see one on my desk at work.

I finished up by checking over Trello and dragging any cards that have been done that day over. Then I had another video call scheduled with my friend at 6PM.

I live on my own (apart from my two naughty 1 year old cats, Lilo and Loki!) so working from home especially during this time can be quite isolating.

Top Tips

  • Keep as many things familiar as possible i,e bring home the mug (or straw!) that you drink your tea/coffee/hot juice out of
  • Keep your routine as similar as it possibly can be by still working out, reading a book etc at the normal time you would
  • Schedule check ins with your team on Google Hangouts/Zoom or any other video calling platform 
  • Get on the ‘Garlands Society Liverpool Classics’ playlist on Spotify!